Community / Quality of Life

  • Strong Community involvement – served on several boards.
  • Respect the financial commitment of local communities to protect natural open space.
  • Keep the Gateway preserve and other open spaces protected from city development.
  • Support pension reform before our systems are bankrupt like social security.
  • Keep supporting and respecting first responders and law enforcement.
  • Pro-life.

Joseph has always been involved in our local community, specifically defending the Gateway Preserve from development. He was an early advocate for “save the preserve” and helped fund the first lawsuit to stop it. He helped posts signs and gather signatures to ensure that you the voters were heard. He is a parishioner of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church and is pro-life.  Currently, he serves on his HOA Board of Directors as Secretary and has experience from holding other positions on different local boards. 

He will tackle the tough issues that our State and District communities face and won’t shy away or be easily lobbied for with big government. Joseph will work tirelessly to stabilize our representation in the Legislative branch and will consistently uphold conservative principles that protect our ethics and unique quality of life in Arizona.



In order to properly recover from COVID-19, I understand the important of supporting our small businesses and promoting laws that protect our most vulnerable. While there was a lot of uncertainty early on with COVID, a lot more is known today and it is time to get Arizona on the road to recovery. Our citizens are resilient and I am confident we will come back even stronger than before. With over 25 years of executive leadership, I ask for your support to help elect a true leader to the Arizona State Legislature. We will succeed and I will make you proud.


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