• Keep it roaring and strong! – This is a product of conservative leadership and principles. We need to protect it.
  • Cut taxes and unnecessary regulation; eliminate the $32 vehicle registration tax!
  • Don’t allow Federal tax law changes to result into yet another burden for Arizona taxpayers.
  • Continue to make Arizona a “safe haven” for American economic refugees fleeing liberal states like California.

The economy is strong due to conservative leadership and principles, and we need to protect it. Joseph believes by cutting taxes and unnecessary regulation it allows free enterprise to soar. The capitalism model is successful—for taxpayers and for small and large businesses alike. With less regulations, Arizona has become a “safe haven” for Americans fleeing liberal states like California. With this growth, we need to protect the conservative principles of this state and not become California at the ballot box. Our current State House is 31 Republicans vs. 29 Democrats. Our current State Senate is 17 republicans vs. 13 Democrats. We need to protect our hold on both chambers in 2020 as this is a razor thin margin and we cannot afford any of the GOP representatives to sway. Joseph will fight to keep Arizona from turning into California.

true conservative valuES

Joseph supports low taxes, strong economy and limited government. He believes in stopping the illegal immigration crisis and fighting to keep Arizona Red. He has lived in Liberal cities and knows these democratic policies do not work for the benefit of the communities throughout the state. A true constitutional conservative protecting Arizona.

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