• Prices skyrocketed under Obamacare and created higher deductibles for less coverage.
  • Resist single payer mandates.
  • Stop illegal immigration, reduce high burden to ERs and Hospitals, with tax payers having to foot the bill.
  • Support Arizona Attorney General’s lawsuit to stop Obamacare.
  • Help advance preventative care to reduce health problems.
  • Support overhaul to VA Hospitals to increase care and reduce wait time.

Obamacare has resulted in skyrocketing premiums and poorer care.  Joseph supports the Arizona Attorney General’s efforts to fight this unconstitutional power grab in court.  In addition, illegal immigration adds to the cost of health care.  With liberal states like California providing health care entitlements to illegal immigrants, it is more important than ever to stop illegal immigration.

Joseph supports laws protecting those with preexisting conditions, as well as laws allowing individuals to deduct the costs of health care from their state income tax. 

The VA Hospitals needs to continue the major overhaul to increase the quality of our Veterans healthcare and to reduce their ridiculous wait time.  A voucher system should be provided for Veterans to enable them to see an out of network physicians if unable to receive prompt care.

true conservative valuES

Joseph supports low taxes, strong economy and limited government. He believes in stopping the illegal immigration crisis and fighting to keep Arizona Red. He has lived in Liberal cities and knows these democratic policies do not work for the benefit of the communities throughout the state. A true constitutional conservative protecting Arizona.

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