Immigration / Border State

  • Joseph is a member of the US Marshals Service, District of Arizona Posse.
  • Continue to fight against the Democrats and liberals plans of open borders and more illegal immigration.
  • Porous borders lead to significant risks for AZ families including drugs, crime and criminals, terrorism, and human trafficking.
  • Strong enforcement – Support THE WALL!
  • Stop the sharing of state funds with sanctuary cities. 

With our home state of Arizona being a border state as well as Phoenix being near the epicenter of illegal immigration, we need to build the wall.  This situation challenges our very sovereignty as a nation.  Illegal immigrants are pouring into our country through the porous southern border with approximately 150,000 a month. Joseph believes this is simply unacceptable.  It allows for the possibility of disease, terrorism, false asylum claims, human trafficking, drug dealing, and other criminal activity.  Over 90% of them do not even come to their assigned court hearings.  They disappear into our society, with no plans to assimilate to our American values.  It also cheats the system for those that have entered our great country legally and spent thousands of dollars on the process. 



In order to properly recover from COVID-19, I understand the important of supporting our small businesses and promoting laws that protect our most vulnerable. While there was a lot of uncertainty early on with COVID, a lot more is known today and it is time to get Arizona on the road to recovery. Our citizens are resilient and I am confident we will come back even stronger than before. With over 25 years of executive leadership, I ask for your support to help elect a true leader to the Arizona State Legislature. We will succeed and I will make you proud.


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