On the issues

Jobs and the Economy:

COVID-19 has really tested the economy of Arizona and our entire country. In order to properly recover, we need common sense policies that protect small businesses as they begin to reopen and a continued low tax climate that gives our small businesses the greatest flexibility to survive. As someone who led in a Fortune 500 company and now operates their own small business, Joseph understands the importance of limiting government regulations to ensure healthy growth to make payroll and support employees and their families. Experience and proven results matter when faced with challenges.

Safe Communities:

As a member of the US Marshals Service – District of Arizona Posse, Joseph understands the importance of keeping our communities and neighborhoods safe. That starts with a secure border and a properly funded and staffed police force with continued training to protect and serve. Joseph volunteers his time to ensure the safety and awareness of others, and keeping police presence positive. As a state legislator, Joseph will support bills that protect our most vulnerable by fighting human trafficking, protecting our elderly, and promoting a safe environment for our children. Our communities need proper protection. 


Joseph believes that excellence in K-12 education starts at the local level. Joseph supported the efforts that secured our teachers a 20% pay raise and believes that we need more school resource officers. At the same time, we must demand more accountability from the people who lead our schools. We should have full transparency of all funds spent and promote things like results-based funding that reward schools that are getting it right! As past President of the Parents’ School Board at Archway Classical Academy, Joseph understands the importance of ensuring parents have the freedom to choose the option that best fits their own child. We should learn from all successful school programs to improve schools that are struggling to achieve greatness. Joseph also strongly supports freedom of speech protections on University campuses and opposes inappropriate comprehensive sex education from being taught to our elementary school children.


Obamacare has resulted in skyrocketing premiums and lower standard of care. Joseph supports the Arizona Attorney General’s efforts to fight this on the basis that it is unconstitutional. Joseph also supports laws protecting those with preexisting conditions, as well as laws allowing individuals to deduct the costs of health care from their state income tax. When considering health care laws and policies, Joseph believes we need to put the patient first! Having providers cross state lines to stay with the insured, while having more competition, will create lower premiums and better choices.

Protecting our Rights:

From fighting voter fraud to ensuring our state budget is always balanced, Joseph will work to keep our rights secured. Our nation has not prospered by accident, it has prospered because of our rights to free speech, due process under the law, our freedom of religion and so many others that keep government accountable. Joseph is proudly pro-life and fully supports our 2nd amendment rights.


In order to properly recover from COVID-19, I understand the importance of supporting our small businesses and promoting laws that protect our most vulnerable. While there was a lot of uncertainty early on with COVID, a lot more is known today and it is time to get Arizona on the road to recovery. Our citizens are resilient and I am confident we will come back even stronger than before. With over 25 years of executive leadership, I ask for your support to help elect a true leader to the Arizona State Legislature. We will succeed and I will make you proud.

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