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Role of Government

  • Keep taxes low.
  • Government accountability.
  • Spending key priorities – not over spending.
  • Protect the Electoral College and say “NO” to national popular vote shenanigans that rig the system in favor of Democrats like Hillary Clinton.
  • Eliminating election fraud.
  • Ensure equal treatment under the Law.
  • Promote free enterprise, capitalism, and small business success.
  • Conservative policies over Liberal policies.
  • Eliminate red-light cameras. 

Small government is not just important to foster a strong economy, it’s critical.  Big government and strong individual liberties simply do not coexist with each other.  That is why we need to be ever vigilant against the forces of big government.  The liberals never stop working—we cannot either.  Joseph believes in the Electoral College as our Founding Fathers believed as opposed to the national popular vote that only favors a few larger metro areas.  

He understands the importance of equal treatment of the law and protecting our election system from fraud.  Protecting our freedom and liberty will always be a priority.

true conservative valuES

Joseph supports low taxes, strong economy and limited government. He believes in stopping the illegal immigration crisis and fighting to keep Arizona Red. He has lived in Liberal cities and knows these democratic policies do not work for the benefit of the communities throughout the state. A true constitutional conservative protecting Arizona.

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